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Hylomar® Aerograde Ultra


Product Leaflet

Hylomar® Aerograde Ultra

Hylomar Aerograde Ultra is a non-Setting and non-hardening gasketing compound made with non-chlorinated solvent for use in the aeronautical industry with a wide operating temperature of -50°C to +250°C. This product carries the same Rolls Royce MSRR 9055 approval as the

Aerograde product and OMAT numbers 4/47A (standard version).


  • Made with non-chlorinated Solvent
  • Non-hardening and non-setting
  • Resistant to air, water and oils
  • Specified worldwide by OEM’s
  • Wide operating temperatures (- 50°C to +250°C)
  • Easy to use
  • Unlimited assembly time
  • Easy to disassemble components
  • For use on metal and plastic close fitting components
  • Use as a non-curing thread sealant
  • Resists vibration
  • Easy to apply to vertical and underside joints due to its thixotropic properties
  • Can be used with or without a gasket

Product Sizes

Pack Size - 75ml tube

Hylomar Aerograde Ultra is resistant to:

  • Air, water and oils
  • Turbine and piston engine combustion products
  • Water/glycol and methanol/water mixtures
  • Petroleum and synthetic diester lubricating oils

Typical Physical Properties

Hylomar Areograde Ultra
Film Thickness 0.03 mm
Surface Finish Max 3.0 μm Ra
Area coverd by 80 mils 1.36m²

Product coverage after drying



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