Hylomar Gasket 3400

Anaerobic curing flexible gasket/sealant compound

Hylomar Gasket 3400 is a modified anaerobic curing, flexible sealant designed to become a Formed in Place (FIP) Gasket when cured. The cured compound has good temperature resistance and high resistance to fretting. The cure is initiated when the compound is in contact with metal ions and in anaerobic conditions.

The cure rate and final strength is dependent on the metals being joined and the temperature at which the component is used. The heat generated by a running engine will accelerate the cure.

Product Sizes

Pack sizes – 300ml cartridges

Typical Applications

Hylomar Gasket 3400 can be used as a gasketing compound between machined surfaces. It is ideal for sealing between mating faces on engines and transmission components where resistance to temperature and vibration are essential.


Hylomar Gasket 3400 should be applied to clean and dry surfaces, free of contamination such as oil or grease. The compound may be dispensed by hand from cartridge, concertina pack, or via a screen printing system. Once applied the joint should be assembled as soon as practical. Any excess compound can be easily wiped off external surfaces with a clean cloth soaked in Acetone or other suitable solvents.

Typical Physical Properties

Composition Methyl-Methacrylate
Colour Yellow
Viscosity @ 25°C
Brookfield Spindle 6 @ 2.5rpm
Specific Gravity @ 25°C 1.10 g/ml
Solvent Content None
Specific Gravity g/ml @ 25°C 1.04
Flash Point >100°C
Shelf Life 1 Year @ 4° to 25°C
Handling Time 40 minutes
Functional Cure Time 4 – 6 hours
Full Cure Time 24 – 72 hours
Shear Strength
Mild Steel/Mild Steel BS 5350 Part C5
Aluminium/Aluminium BS 5350 Part C5
1.5 N/mm²
Temperature Range -40° to 150°C


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