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Hylosil Silicone sealants are room temperature vulcanising (RTV) silicone compounds. They are high performance engineering grade sealants which are used in the automotive industry and for general manufacturing.

The Hylosil range of RTV silicones are manufactured to a high specification. Each grade of silicone has its own specific characteristics such as temperature resistance, viscosity, thixotropy, sprayability, oil resistance, water resistance, adhesion. Typical applications include sealing gearboxes, engines, turbines, electric motors, defence applications, automotive light bulb sealing, electrical potting applications


  • Room temperature vulcanising (RTV) silicone compounds
  • High-performance engineering grade sealants
  • Used in the automotive industry and for original equipment manufacturing
  • Can also be used for a variety of applications
  • Particularly suitable for high strength applications
  • Good resistance to oils and aqueous anti-freeze agents.

Product Sizes

Pack size –85g tube, 300ml cartridge, 17 litre kegs

Typical Physical Properties

Hylosil Colour Cure-System Skin Time (Mins) @ 23 °C & 60% RH Temp Range Extrusion rate 3mm orifice @ 60PSI  Tensile Strength Elongation Break Shore-Hardness
101 Ivory Amine 10 -50°C to +180°C
(Usable up to +240°C)
55g/min 2.5N/mm² 350% 25°
102 Black Amine 10 -50°C to +180°C
(Usable up to +240°C)
45g/min 2.5Nmm² 350% 25°
103 Clear Amine 10 -50°C to +180°C
(Usable up to +240°C)
45g/min 2.5Nmm² 350% 25°
106 Ivory Amine 10 -50°C to +180°C
(Useableup to +240°C)
18g/min 1.8N/mm² 200% 25°
302 Black Acetoxy 6 -40°C to +240°C 78g/min 1.9N/mm² 460% 22°
303 Clear Acetoxy 6 -40°C to +240°C 78g/min 1.9N/mm² 460% 22°
310 Brick Red Acetoxy 15 -50°C to +300°C 58g/min 1.4N/mm² 420% 43°
343 Clear Acetoxy 10 -40°C to +180°C Flowable 0.7N/mm² 300% 27°
607 Black Oxime 10 -40°C to +240°C 85g/min 2.10N/mm² 400% 34°
654 Anthracite Oxime 7 -50°C to +250°C 125g/min‾¹ 2.75N/mm² 325% 45°


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