Non - Setting Jointing Compounds

Hylomar® Universal Blue

Non-setting Gasket + Jointing Compound

Product Leaflet

Hylomar® Universal Blue

Hylomar Universal Blue is a high performance, non-setting gasket and jointing compound. The compound is resistant to a wide range of fluids including:

  • Industrial fluids
  • Oils
  • Petroleum and synthetic diester lubricating oils
  • Gasoline and kerosene
  • Water/glycol and methanol/water mixtures
  • Air
  • Turbine and piston engine combustion products


  • Non–hardening and non–setting
  • Non–flammable
  • Unlimited assembly time
  • Wide operating temperature ( -50°C to +250°C)
  • Allows metal to metal contact
  • Available as light, medium and heavy viscosity product
  • The non-setting feature allows easy dismantling of components for service and repair work
  • Use as an non-curing thread sealant
  • Resists vibration

Product Sizes

Pack sizes – 40g tube (blister card), 40g tube (carton), 100g tube (carton), 350g (cartridge).

Typical Applications

  • Inlet manifolds
  • Timing case covers
  • Gearbox and transmission components
  • Thread sealing
  • Water and oil pumps
  • Instrument inspection covers
  • Cylinder heads
  • Flat rigid sumps
  • Most machined surfaces
  • Gas turbines
  • Water cooled generators
  • Turbo vacuum systems

Typical Physical Properties

Temperature range -50°C to +250°C (-58°F to 482°F)
Film Thickness 0.015 mm
Typical Surface Finish 2.0 μm Ra
Area covered by 100g 1.875m²
Product coverage after drying 2mg/cm²
Film Thickness 0.03 mm
Typical Surface Finish 3.0 μm Ra
Area covered by 100g 1.275m²
Product coverage after drying 4mg/cm²
Film Thickness 0.09 mm
Typical Surface Finish 3.5 μm Ra
Area covered by 100g 0.56m²
Product coverage after dying 12mg/cm²


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