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Hylomar Ltd manufactures a wide range of high performance sealants and adhesives used by many of the leading OEM’s in the world of automotive, aerospace, white goods, power generation/distribution, electronics/photonics and general engineering.

Hylomar products are also widely used and respected in the automotive, aerospace and industrial aftermarkets with Hylomar Universal Blue and Hylomar M (Light, Medium, Heavy) being the leading non-setting gasket & jointing compounds in the world. Hylomar Aerograde, Aerograde Ultra and Advanced Formulation are specified by various aero-engine manufacturers; including Rolls-Royce and Pratt & Whitney. Hylomar Aerograde is also specified by NATO.

Hylomar RTV silicone sealants are used to seal engines, gearboxes and transmissions for leading vehicle manufacturers around the globe with our amine curing products being particularly favoured.

In addition, unlike many sealant and adhesive companies, Hylomar Limited are manufacturers and product formulators. Therefore, if commercially viable, we can develop products to specific customer requirements.

Product Focus

Featured Product

Hylomar® M

Hylomar M (Light, Medium, Heavy) is a highly engineered, non-setting and non-hardening jointing compound.

  • Non-hardening and non-setting
  • Wide operating temperature range (-50 to +250ºC)
  • Resistant to fuels, oils, coolants and gases
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