Sealing the future


Hylomar seals only the surface imperfections within a joint. Therefore only a small amount of material is required for each application.

This leads to reduce usage compared to traditional elastomeric sealants and reduced costs.

Low usage rates means less weight of material is used per joint leading to lighter finished components.


Repair and service can be easily achieved using Hylomar jointing compound. The non setting characteristics of the sealant means joints can be opened easily without force.

Component parts that may require service such as in turbines, motors or gearboxes, or electric vehicle battery cells which may require replacement can easily be undertaken when the joints are sealed with Hylomar.


When a joint has been sealed with Hylomar the joint can be opened easily. The joint surfaces can be cleaned easily without any damage to the joint. New sealant can be applied to the surface of the joint and then re-assembled.


Design for recycling with Hylomar.

When Hylomar universal jointing compound has been designed into the application when it comes to the products end of life the component parts can be disassembled easily separated and then either reused or recycled.