Hylomar Gasket 2000

Anaerobic curing flexible gasket compound

Hylomar Gasket 2000 is a formed in place (FIP) single component anaerobic curing flexible sealant, which cures in the joint to form a flexible plastic seal. The product is designed to replace traditional solid gaskets.

The thixotropic properties of Hylomar Gasket 2000 prevent migration of the sealant before or during curing. Once cured the compound is resistant to shock and vibration from –50°C to 150°C.

Hylomar Gasket 2000 should be applied to a clean and dry metal surface. The compound may be dispensed by hand from a cartridge or concertina packs. Automated application is also widely used via xy plotter, robot arm or via a silk screen printer. Once applied the joint should be assembled without undue delay. Any excess compound can be easily wiped off external surfaces using Hylomar Rally Wipes.

If joints are dismantled for service or repairs, the cured product can be easily removed and surfaces cleaned for fresh application by using Hylomar Gasket Remover or Hylomar Rally Wipes.

Product Sizes

Pack sizes – 50ml and 250g

Typical Application

Typical applications include structural gasketing of engines and transmission components and for general engineering uses. Hylomar Gasket 2000 will seal against gases, water, LPG, hydrocarbons, oils and many other chemicals.

Typical Physical Properties

Composition Anaerobic Methacrylate
Colour Ivory - cream
Viscosity @ 25°C Brookfield Spindle 6 @ 20rpm 85,000 + or – 15,000 cps
Max diameter of thread/gap filling 0.50 mm (if used with primer)
Solvent Content None
Specific Gravity g/ml @ 25°C 1.04
Flash Point >100°C
Average Cure Time 1 hour
Functional Cure Time 3-6 hours
Full Cure Time 24 hours
Elasticity 82%
Shear Strength (DIN 54452) 4 – 7 N/mm²
Tensile Strength 2.5 – 4 N/mm²
Shock strength 2 – 4 N/mm²
Temperature Range -50°C + 150°C


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