Non-Setting Compounds

Hylomar Limited manufactures the world’s leading range of high performance non-setting gasket and jointing compounds.

The original product was developed in conjunction with Rolls-Royce and was used for sealing aircraft engines. Hylomar continues to manufacture Rolls-Royce approved products for sealing aeronautical turbines.

Engine, compressor, electric motor, heavy industrial equipment, gearbox, defence industry component, turbine and many other original equipment manufacturers choose Hylomar non-setting compounds for their sealing and bonding applications.

Hylomar® Universal Blue

The leading non-setting gasket & jointing compound available today. The product can be used to replace a traditional gasket or to “dress” it to significantly improve the performance of the gasket.

  • Non-hardening
  • Wide operating temperature range (-50 to +250ºC)
  • Fuel resistant

Pack size – 40g tube (blister card), 40g tube (carton), 100g tube (carton), 350g (cartridge).




Hylomar® M

The original and genuine non-setting gasket and jointing compound specified by OEM’s around the world.

  • Dichloromethane free
  • Wide operating temperature range (-50 to +250ºC)
  • Fuel resistant

Pack sizes – 40ml tube (blister card), 80ml tube (carton), 200ml aerosol, 200ml Autopress, 250ml brush-top tin, 300ml cartridge & 1 litre tin.


Hylomar® Aerograde PL32

The original non-setting gasket & jointing compound approved by Rolls-Royce and NATO.

Pack size – 100g tube

  • Manufactured under licence from Rolls-Royce plc.




Hylomar® Aerograde Ultra PL32A

Non-chlorinated solvent version of Aerograde carrying Rolls-Royce approval.

  • Can be used as a direct replacement for Aerograde PL32.

Pack size – 75ml tube


Hylomar® Advanced Formulation & AFHV

Fills imperfections on mating surfaces thus forming a seal.

  • Wide operating temperature range (-50 to +250ºC)
  • No gap filling – metal to metal contact
  • Resistant to oil, fuel and many other chemicals
  • Solvent Free

Pack sizes – 85g tube, 250ml tin, 300ml cartridge.




Hylotyte® Red 100

Hylotyte® Red 100 is a synthetic, semi-hardening jointing compound that has excellent gap filling properties. The product is resistant to a wide range of fluids, especially water (including salt water and steam), anti-freeze, and synthetic oils.

  • Highly resistant to steam and hot water
  • Based on new synthetic polymer technology
  • Forms an instant seal
  • Heat activated curing system
  • Excellent resistance to automotive fluids
  • Improved gap filling – useable on rough machined and pitted surfaces
  • Inhibits galvanic corrosion between dissimilar metals
  • Methylene chloride free

Pack sizes – 40ml tube (blister card) & 80ml tube (carton)



HYLO®CLEAN is a specially blended cleaning fluid that is highly effective at removing used Hylomar jointing compound from disassembled joint surfaces. The unique mix of solvents also make it perfect for cleaning and degreasing surfaces prior to use with any of Hylomar’s range of adhesives and sealants. HYLO®CLEAN is also very effective at removing uncured anaerobic, uncured silicone and uncured epoxy products.

HYLO®CLEAN can be used for:

  • Removing Hylomar M, Hylomar Universal Blue, Hylomar AF and Hylomar Aerograde, uncured HYLO®GRIP anaerobic products, uncured HYLO®BOND epoxy and acrylic adhesives and Hylotyte® Red
  • Degreasing metal components – will remove most oils, lubricating fluids, metal cuttings and dirt from any metal surface
  • HYLO®CLEAN does not leave a residue and evaporates quickly after application

Pack sizes – 400ml aerosol


hylo clean